Sandboxes: The Treatment – Tuesday, May 17, 2022

And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting – Psalm 139:24


It’s been said religion and politics are the two subjects to avoid to prevent potential conflict, as they tend to unleash heated emotions.  I believe prejudices, i.e., racism, should be included because the topic will likewise produce strong and confrontational viewpoints from those seemingly oblivious to the problem, as well as those who rather point fingers than work towards a solution.  But there is hope, as I concluded yesterday’s post, and it’s found in a visit to “one Doctor, Jesus.”

Oftentimes, it’s not until health has become problematic that one deems a visit to the doctor necessary.  Yet if wise, one will make it a point to schedule routine checkups and adhere to recommended tests to diagnose any potential concerns.  Along with these vital checks, will be questions presented by the physician to gain a sense of any irregularities that the patient may have dismissed.   Because a proficient doctor knows that ignored symptoms are the makings of future illnesses, many of which could have been prevented.

Do you ever feel threatened by certain individuals who look differently than you, whereby you only associate with your race or ethnicity?  Most importantly, do you truly believe salvation is for everyone?  Dare not allow the discomfort of these questions and your honesty to prevent you from getting the help needed.  Because Jesus is waiting for your visit, and His treatment does work!