A Chess Player: Strategic – Friday, May 20, 2022

According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love – Ephesians 1:4


“Marcus, your father wants to have a talk with you in the basement,” the mother alerted.  “About what?” Marcus inquired.  “Let’s just say, it has to do with your development.”  “Not about the birds and the bees!”  “He’s waiting,” the mother said with a wink.  As Marcus reluctantly entered the room, he discovered his father situating a chessboard.  “Come in Marcus,” the father beckoned, “I’m preparing to have the same kind of discussion with you that my father had with me when I was your age.  He said, ‘Son, everything you need to know about how God operates is in a chess game.'”  “So nothing about the birds and the bees?” Marcus questioned.  “Oh no, that’s your mother’s job!”

One does not have to be knowledgeable of chess to perceive it a complex game requiring deep concentration, as you need only observe its players.  Because even the novice understands the importance of every move and how the most inconsequential motion is a calculated effort to capture the opponent’s king.  Therefore, each player must be an attentive audience, dissecting the other individual’s every movement to discern weaknesses and potential opportunities.    Bottom line: to win, a player must not only be observant, he or she must also be strategic and deliberate, realizing everything matters.  

Have you ever wondered whether certain happenings were coincidental or God’s strategic planning?  I have on many occasions, then found myself formulating a mental flow-chart, connecting events, people, and places, discovering their necessity to each other.   Can you see the same in your life?