Lessons From Green Book – Part Three – Thursday, October 28, 2021

The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool – Psalm 110:1


A turning point in the two men’s relationship occurs when Dr. Shirley burdened by his driver’s limited vocabulary during Tony’s attempt to write a letter to his wife, offers to assist.  The humorous moments, an image befitting that of an English Professor coming to the rescue of a functional illiterate is highly receptive by Tony’s wife, Dolores, surprised by her husband’s romantic flair.  The letters continue with the same detailed attention and Tony soon gains a reputation back home over his unexpected writing ability.  

Lesson: Human Connection. The above referenced occasion was just one of many crossroads when Tony’s faltered notions about black people begins to change, and his view of Dr. Shirley differs.   It is this evolution that’s included in a letter written to his wife:  I saw Dr. Shirley play the piano tonight.  He don’t play like a colored guy.  He plays like Liberace, but better.  He’s like a genius, I think.

Racism at its core dismisses shared fundamental and physiological commonalities and elevates the most insignificant variance: color.   It employs labels and biases as a means to justify the hatred and supremacism of those who differ in race.   A large percentage of individuals who support such thinking attend church and profess themselves to be Christians.  Sadly, they have yet to grasp that Jesus Christ not only loves people of all races, but He also died for people of all races.