Past Clients – Thursday, August 18, 2022

For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations – Psalm 100:5


While too many to mention, there are nevertheless several previous clients that justifiably deserve to have their case recalled, not only for its seemingly irreversible verdict, but the means taken to ensure victory.  Their names were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, three young boys who disobeyed Nebuchadnezzar’s decree to “worship the golden image,” despite certain death.  Instead, they chose to proclaim: “If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king” (Daniel 3:17).

Although it is highly unlikely we’ll ever be required to experience a similar event, many of us will nevertheless face situations that may appear to be irreversible, believing the saying “you make your bed, now you must lie in it.”  Some will even pronounce: “This is God’s will; therefore, I must accept it.”  Each theory lends no opportunity for God’s input and His grace to show compassion as given to the woman caught in adultery whose sin was punishable by death.

If God willfully saves those wrongly sentenced, as well as those justifiably accused, how can we believe our situation doesn’t warrant God’s attention, particularly when it is written: “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7)?  The Bible is full of people who didn’t deserve mercy but received it anyway.  We all are included!