Sandboxes: The Problem – Monday, May 16, 2022

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad – Luke 8:17


“Aren’t they adorable?” the mother questioned.  “Yes, they are,” the other mother responded.   The women’s admiration was of the two children’s contentedness while collectively building an object within the confines of the playground’s sandbox. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could get along like our children?”  “It certainly would be.”  However, a short time later, a woman and child arrive and the youngster is encouraged to join the two in the sandbox.  Feeling mutually concerned, the mothers beckon their children to exit and find another activity.  “You can never be too safe,” the mother declared.  “That’s so true,” surmised the other mother.

I intentionally did not allude to the race or ethnicity of the three children in the above scenario, as such is unnecessary to convey a point: The mothers perceived the approaching child as a threat. Fear, as it has been concluded by many social psychologists, is the basis of bigotry and hate.  It is often influenced by false teachings about certain cultures and people, then reinforced by random incidents.  Hence, if a few individuals of a particular group behave negatively, then theoretically every person sharing that group’s distinction should be perceived as a threat.

It’s a subject that many choose to avoid like a plague despite its obvious spread and its frequent deadly impact.  However, just like the COVID-19, there is a vaccine for this type of discrimination, yet it requires no needles or oral medications.  There need only be a visit to one Doctor, Jesus.